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#12888083 Nov 29, 2016 at 04:23 PM
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Feel free to share your character build here. I'll start off. Now fair warning, this is definitely not a meta build or a niche tank/dps/healer build, it's just something I ended playing as for fun :P

Class: Nightblade
Race: Dark elf
Skill tree: assassination 50, Shadow 50, Siphoning 29.
Skill spec: Heavy armor 50, Dual Wield 50, Vampire 10
Armor: currently reinforced calcinium armor set.

Ability bar: killers blade, shadowy disguise, surprise attack, bloodthirst, Invigorating drain. ULT: Soul harvest.

Basically I use shadowy disguise then surprise attack, spam bloodthirst until they are under 25% and use killers blade. If I drop low on health i heal with invigorating drain. Bloodthirst heals minor damage and my passives increase ultimate gain so i can use soul harvest usually once per normal enemy.

I know it doesn't make much sense, but damn is it fun.
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